What are talking business cards?

Talking Business Cards are the modern business card solution for savvy business people who want to maximize their message and go for a solid first impression! It is a combination of stills, video and audio to showcase yourself in a short presentation. Why show just a photo when you can present your personality.Check out these fabulous eCards that will pave the way for your clients to connect with you and establish a rapport before you even meet!



This is great! How do I get one?

First we need to decide which of the formats work best for your needs. They all have a video intro and the body of the card is your voice with still images showing your service or product. The end can be a video or just a still photo. We can make suggestions for a script or you can write your own. We recommend you practice your lines before the shoot, though, as it goes much smoother and more quickly.  If you do not have a hi-res photo or video content for the card, we can discuss pricing to create it. We will also need a high quality logo in either PNG, EPS, JPG or TIF.


How it works

When your TBC is finished, you can embed it as a signature in your emails, embed it on your website, share on social media or just send the link. Once the TBC has played, the viewer will have the option of adding you as a contact or calling you, (if they are viewing it on their phone), or sending you an email, visiting your website or replaying your TBC all with the click of a button!


Talking Business Cards start  at $495, and includes a new headshot file for web and promotion, and a year of hosting your eCard with access to all stats! We will photograph and film you in our studio or on location and coach you to get the best possible energy and confidence in your delivery. Some clients opt to film on a different day, using the first session for still photos and prepping for the TBC, with details on what to bring for the video session. Custom Cards are also available and require on location shooting as well as creative video illustration. Please ask us for a quote- we encourage creativity and innovative ideas!

Delivery Time

Once your video clips are filmed and you provide the images and logos needed, we will typically be able to complete your TBC in less than a week. However, we will let you know if more time is required.


Professional Hosting --What does that mean?

Fast and smooth playback of your TBC on ANY device.

Does not accommodate searches, so your TBC will not end with a list of suggested videos that might be from a competitor.

Action buttons at the end of your TBC that allows your client keep in touch with you.

Stats  know how many view you are getting and if your entire message is being watched.


Tips on filming your Talking Business Card:

Keep it brief. This is not a commercial or an infomercial, but a form of introduction to your potential client to not only see who you are, but they also get to know you. Practice your lines.  It's not just the words, it's how you say it.  Your confidence is displayed in how you deliver what you want said.  Practice with enthusiasm! Let them know you care. Stay calm.  Smile! We try to make this as fun as possible! In the end, we make you look great, and the finished piece is polished and professional! Trust us- we know how important it is to make a lasting first impression, its our job to help your customers remember who you are at first glance!